How to Help Your Child in Their Studies

Nobody is born with the ability to excel in everything that they do. But with the right motivation and encouragement, many students can achieve excellence in their studies. While the classroom is the best place for a child to develop their social and intellectual growth, parents also play a huge role in their child’s attitude towards learning. Yet the attitude of parents may at times restrict the learning of some students. In order to nurture a child’s growth, it is important to create an encouraging and conducive environment at home that promotes learning.

Below are some ways parents can create a conducive learning environment for their children:

  1. Provide an environment that is conducive for reading – A conducive atmosphere is a must in order to foster good reading habits. Developing good reading habits also helps your child in their learning habits in the future. Let your child pick the book on their own and always encourage them to read by providing them with a space where they can focus and relax.
  1. Talk and listen to your child – Having honest conversations with your child on their feelings and emotions can do a great deal of good. Encourage your child to voice their opinions about their learning progress and their studies. Pay attention to their likes, dislikes, opinions and emotions. Even if you disagree with them, acknowledge their feelings and do not discourage them. When a child knows that they can open up about their emotions without being judged, discouraged or ignored, they can become more confident in not just their learning, but in their daily lives too.
  1. Celebrate their achievements – Celebrate the little successes your child makes. This gives them further encouragement in their learning journey. Whether it is doing well in a class test or finishing a challenging project, celebrate with your child and let them know you are proud of them. You can also offer them rewards such as snacks or visits to their favourite places.  
  2. Focus on their learning rather than their performance – It is essential to pay attention to what your children are learning. This is more important than asking “How was your test today?” or “How did you do for your test?” Such questions may scare your child and make them more worried about getting bad grades. Rather than asking such questions, you can share with them the following tips that can motivate them:
  • Learning is more important than good grades.
  • Our results do not always decide our future.

There will be times when we face difficulties in our studies, but with the right encouragement and motivation, there is always room for improvement. For students who may need a little bit more help with their revision, CPD Singapore offers assessment books and guidebooks for all levels, including pre-school, primary, secondary and JC. Head to our CPD online shop to find out which titles are most suitable for your child today!

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