Fighting Obesity: Let’s Act Now



Fighting the flab is far from being a simple case of eating right. It requires a combination of factors and the cooperation of different stakeholders.

It starts in the mind

First, we need to instil the right mindset towards keeping fit in the young. Regular exercise must not be viewed as a chore. It is actually something fun and extremely beneficial. Developing the right mindset towards regular exercise will definitely combat childhood obesity and it can even increase CCA participation rates.


Start small

It’s not realistic for young people to start hitting the gym three times a week or do workouts every day for a full hour each time. That is hard to sustain. Get students to start small. Walk a little further each day. Climb the stairs or escalator. Get off the couch and move around more. Get students interested in outdoor excursions. Make it fun, make it doable and make it last.


Parents’ role

Parents cannot view schools as the only avenue for children to get enough exercise. Physical Education (PE) lessons cannot be conducted daily and schools only hold children till the late afternoons and are unaware or uncontrollable of their exercise post school hours. Parents should encourage children to keep fit by doing regular exercise. Better still, join them!

Play to lose

Whether you’re a guardian or an educator, encourage children to play sports which they most enjoy. Exercising is not just about jogging or running. By playing sports, they also learn skills and values such as teamwork, discipline and foster stronger relationship with their peers.

Keep fit, look good

Make children understand the benefits of exercise, especially in looking good and being confident. Internalising the benefits will make them want to exercise on their own accord, for their own good. Who doesn’t want to look and feel better