How MOE Can Adapt?




Singapore and the developed world are undergoing a technological revolution. Many industries are getting disrupted and apps are spawning daily. What does the future of education look like? It is only time before Singapore’s education undergoes a technological revamp.

Education is at the cusp of the next big revolution ever since printed material such as textbooks were first published. Technology will have a great impact on learning. Teachers will utilise technology and students will be constantly learning new technologies. What MOE must do is to utilize technology to realise its educational objectives.


Mobile Apps

With the recent announcement that MOE will be using the PayNow app to distribute its Edusave payments to ITE and Poly students, it is a sign that MOE is open to using mobile apps in the future.

More apps can be used for teaching and handling administrative tasks in schools. Apps can be used to collect school excursion monies, marking attendance in the mornings, doing surveys, collecting feedback and the list goes on. This will help teachers handle administrative tasks but it doesn’t just stop there. Apps can improve the classroom learning experience as well. Teachers can use apps to dispense notes, get students to answer questions, and more. These apps can also be used to monitor the overall performance of a child in sports and CCA.


AI and VR

Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are the future. They are also key technologies that MOE can leverage on. With many blue-collared workers being displaced and disrupted by technology, robotics and AI will be at the forefront of this disruption.

Imagine history lessons coming alive in a virtual world. Students can relive or at least “see” what actually happened in history.

Imagine putting on a pair of AR glasses and walking among the DNA strands.

Robots can be used in the school canteens in running the tuckshops and stalls. Schools can cut down on costs on hiring cleaners as it can be done by a robot, or have unmanned vehicles deliver things in the canteen.

Incorporating next-generation technology will inspire students to innovate and reimagine the future.