How MOE Can Use Apps To Enhance Teaching?




We are living in the age of a technological revolution, disruption in technology is rampant. Apps are spawning everywhere. So, how can we enhance our education sector to be at the forefront of this technological change in our lives, how can MOE use apps to enhance teaching?


PayNow and Edusave

‘SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced on Thursday (Jan 18) that it will pilot the use of PayNow this year to disburse Edusave Award funds to Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnic students. In its press release, MOE said the move is in line with Singapore’s efforts to become a Smart Nation. Currently, they would have to visit a bank to deposit their cheque and wait for it to clear before withdrawing the money. It will also send letters to award recipients to let them know which Edusave Award they will be receiving and enclose further instructions on how to sign up for PayNow using their NRIC number.’ – Channel News Asia

It is good that MOE has made use of such apps to ease its administration in Edusave awards. But how can apps enhance the teaching experience?


Facilitate classroom discussions

Apps can encourage classroom discussions. For example, if a teacher is explaining a certain math question and he wants everyone to participate in it, an app allows everyone to key in their answers. The teacher can then mark the answers and give explanations, and answer questions that may arise.


Apps ease administration and hence gives the teacher more time to teach. Apps can be used for attendance taking in the mornings and for other administrative tasks. This allows teachers to focus more on teaching.


Learning outside classroom

Apps can also be used to facilitate the learning experience after school. For example, teachers can use an app that allows them to monitor homework and if a student has a question at home, he/she can voice it out using such apps. Technology allows one to be in touch everywhere.

MOE should eagerly look into using third-party apps that are already available, or come up with a niche app for themselves. Welcome to teaching and learning in the Brave New World.