How to Choose Assessment Books?



It can be daunting choosing the right one for the students with an endless array of assessment books out there. Daunting but not impossible. Getting the right type of assessment books will help the student significantly. Consider some factors outlined in this article.

What the child really needs


Firstly, parents should understand the rationale behind assessment books. They should choose a book that is aligned to their child’s individual study needs.

The books in the bookstores do not usually cover everything that is taught in the school syllabus. No matter. Perhaps a child only needs help in those few chapters and these books will be the most useful to them.

Hence choose the most appropriate book for your child and not buy up everything out there. More is not best. Find something tailored to his needs.


Guidebooks are another form of assessment books, minus the questions. They are usually summarized versions of a textbook. These books are good for students studying closer to examinations; they provide useful summaries and overviews on the topics.


Exam papers

Exam papers are also resources to explore besides buying assessment books. However, exam papers should only be used for at the end of the teaching year when the child has been taught everything that is required.

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