Make Newspaper Reading Compulsory



A national reading programme for all students? Before we examine the possibility and merit of this initiative, we take a look at some of the advantages of reading newspapers.


Mental health and development

Research has shown that reading stimulates the brain to think and process information better, deeper and faster. This mental activity can also combat the development of some diseases and even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia later on in life.


Critical Thinking and analysing

When we read we are constantly thinking of what may happen next. For example, when we read a novel we subconsciously think of what may happen to the story in the future or why a person did something and so on. It forces our brains to analyse, imagine, create.

Reading more opinion pieces in local and foreign newspapers, as well as analytical magazine articles like The Economist broadens our mind. We form clearer opinions and are better able to look at things from different perspectives, thanks to the writings of erudite minds. This develops our critical thinking.


Open a book to de-stress

Reading is a good stress combatant. Whenever we may be facing stress or issues in our lives, the moment we are indulged in a good novel, we lose ourselves to the world around us, we enjoy the temporary bliss afforded by a good book.

Reading the news from young is a good way of developing and honing critical skills. Reading novels will improve one’s English, vocabulary, grammar and even spelling.

At CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd, we strongly believe in the benefits of reading. CPD educators encourage students to read newspapers daily and keep abreast of the latest world developments.