Mood Swings: Puberty Changes Everything




Girls will experience puberty around 11 years old while boys usually reach it around 12 years old. However, this really depends on the extent of how early puberty will surface in a child. Some may develop it later, some earlier. Whatever it is, it could be emotionally fraught for both parent and child.

Puberty affects the physical as well as emotional wellbeing of a teen. Emotional effects for both boys and girls are more or less the same. Such changes include anger issues, mood swings, depression and sudden feelings.

It is vital at this period that parents are supporting their children throughout this change. Many teens may not know what they are experiencing and may act up emotionally and it is crucial that parents remain sensitive to them during this period


Mood swings

Mood swings occur frequently in teens. These changes are brought about due to changing hormones. Girls are generally more vulnerable to this. Teens may seem angry at one point and a few moments later, feel totally depressed.



Puberty can arouse feelings of sudden anger. Some teens tend to hold grudges for longer periods. Give them some personal space. Back off when you feel they are losing their temper. Let them calm down first, then proceed to reason with them.


Emotional breakups

Teens will unknowingly develop feelings for the opposite sex at this age and is not uncommon for them to be devastated and depressed about their first break up. They need all the support they can get when experiencing this and parents should not think that young relationships are silly. Instead, listen. Show concern and if necessary, give moral support.



Teens may start to think deeper about themselves and question their image and existence. They are looking for their own identity. They will ponder more during decision making and may feel that others do not understand nor appreciate their reasoning and decisions. They will take a longer time to decide on things and girls especially will be more sensitive to their looks. This is a good time to let teens explore their interest and find out who they really are and want to become.