MRT Breakdown During “O” Levels




With the recent spate of incidents of MRT breakdowns, Students need to be prepared on what to do in the event of an MRT breakdown, especially during their “O” level examination period. It is crucial that parents heed the following advice and share it with their children.


Informing the school immediately

It is critical that the child inform his form teacher immediately. The form teacher will need to inform the examination head of any public transport breakdowns and delays.


Arrive before the end of the paper

It is crucial that students do not panic should they be late for the “O” level examination. MOE allows students to sit for the full length of the paper upon arriving at the examination venue. Hence, if the student is late, even close to the end of the paper due to an MRT breakdown, he should still proceed quickly to the examination venue and not miss the paper.


Take a taxi

During most MRT breakdowns, there are feeder buses arranged to bring passengers to their destinations. However, buses are significantly smaller than the MRTs and long queues may form. Hence if possible, try to take a taxi as it is the quickest way possible.


Take the right feeder bus

Feeder buses are implemented during MRT breakdown or disruptions. Ensure that your child takes the right feeder bus to their school.


Explanation letters are unnecessary

“You are not required to obtain and produce an excuse letter from the MRT station for your examinations” – MOE. Parents should not enforce their children to collect explanation letters form SMRT as it will only delay time. MOE does not require such letters as MRT delays and breakdowns are often reported on many news channels.