New PSLE Scoring System




The Ministry of Education (MOE) has announced that in 2021 it will be implementing a scoring band system to replace the current ‘T’ score system for assessing PSLE results. This system will assess students based on grades rather than a number score. This is similar to the grade system assessment adopted in “O” level and “A” level examinations.


Less stress for students

This firstly removes unnecessary stress for the child. He would be less prone to feeling inferior or disappointed if he falls few marks short of his peers or siblings. The move allows schools to embrace more students from various academic scores, as opposed to a narrow points benchmark. Schools within a child’s vicinity are viewed more equally and this removes pressure from schools to maintain strict cut off points (COP).


More stress for parents

While benefiting both the students and schools, are there any drawbacks? Are there any parties whom will be affected by this?

Parents will always be stressed by the PSLE. The scoring bands are not expected to change that. While it won’t be a point for point system, parent will still fret over their children’s ability to get through the PSLE, the child’s first major national examination.