Pocket Money: How Much Is Too Much?



Unlike junior colleges or secondary schools, polytechnics are not fully subsidised government institutions. School fees are significantly more than that in secondary schools. Notes and supplementary materials are usually bought and no longer handed down by teachers. Hence it is not uncommon for parents to wonder just what the right amount of pocket money is for their polytechnic teenager.

Outside food vendors


The canteen in a polytechnic is usually operated by external vendors; the food may not be cheap compared to those in government schools. There are also many cafes and fast food joints available. Hence meals will definitely cost more than those government schools.


Check his schedule


However, polytechnics don’t have a fixed schedule. Hence it is not always that the child will require all his meals at the campus. It is best to check with the child regarding his schedule and vary the pocket money accordingly.


Holidays and internships

Polytechnic and university students have the opportunity to work longer in the holidays and take up internships. They will be paid an average of $650 for internship depending on the organisation. It is always a good idea to teach kids to earn money from young. If they are not able to earn enough in the holidays, then supplementing their pocket money is fine, but parents should never encourage spendthrift behavior in their children. Otherwise no matter how much they earn in the future, it will never be enough.