Primary School Students To Gear Up For Coding Classes Next Year


In this age of technology, almost every aspect of our lives is getting highly digitalised. From simple tasks, such as switching on household appliances, to professional work, technology has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, our Singapore government has taken steps to arm Singaporeans with essential skills that help them thrive in the digital era.

Part of this year’s Ministry of Communications and Information’s Workplan Seminar was to launch the ‘Code For Fun’ programme at primary schools through out the island next year.

This programme, that has already been piloted as an optional class back in 2014, focuses on developing students’ basic coding skills and their knowledge on emerging technologies. The launch next year targets all upper-primary school students to take part in the 10-hour programme.

Secondary and tertiary level students will also benefit from a new national programme that will be led by the Singapore Cyber Youth Programme (SG Cyber Youth). They will introduce applicable knowledge and skills on cybersecurity to the students via activities such as training boot camps, learning journeys and competitions.

These two programmes are part of MCI’s grander scheme to get all locals to be involved in Singapore’s digital endeavours. Communications and Information Minister S Iswaran asserts that Singapore’s digital transformation does not only target our economy but also our enterprises and workforce, so that the benefits of this change can be experienced by all.

Youngsters aside, the older generation will be benefiting tremendously, as well. An additional 100 Merdeka Generation Digital Clinics will be made available to educate seniors on smartphone skills. This plan will be rolled out from September onwards and will be set up over a year.

Part of the digital transformation also emphasises on the digitalisation of enterprises. The ‘SME Go Digital’ programme, for instance, centres its attention on small to medium businesses to enhance their digital capabilities. In addition, Smart Digital Packs, aids new companies in coming up with competitively priced digital solutions.