Private Candidates: How To Study Effectively For “O” Levels?




Studying as a private candidate for the O levels is not easy. But it is not impossibly difficult either.  Having been out of the school curriculum, there is no guidance or help from school teachers. However, private candidates will sit for the same examinations as school candidates and success is possible. Parents should take in the following advice if their child is a private candidate and support them throughout their “O” level journey.


Self-discipline is paramount

Private candidate students can do very well but they must motivate themselves.  Students must bear in mind that they do not have any guidance from school. There are no examinations or tests to serve as benchmarks for improvement. Hence it is key to stick to a fixed schedule and avoid procrastination to be on par with the students in school.


Tuition is a big help

Tuition is advisable for private candidates. Being out of school, tuition can offer some guidance in the child’s journey to their “O” levels. However, the quality of tutors can range widely and students should be more discerning when seeking help from tuition.


Have a revision plan

The key is for private candidates to find a suitable revision plan.  They should find ways to benchmark themselves and seek clarification for their learning.