Active Maths Workbook 6

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Introducing the Active Maths Workbook 6, the perfect tool for students to develop their mathematical skills in a fun and interactive way! Developed to comprehensively cover all the learning objectives of the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework (0096), this workbook adopts an Active Learning approach, allowing learners to actively grasp concepts on a personal level through exploration, discussion, and inquiry.

Each chapter starts with a case problem, encouraging problem-based learning (PBL). Learners acquire knowledge of mathematical concepts as they go through the chapter. They are encouraged to think critically and collaborate with their peers to solve the case by the end of the chapter. This approach helps learners understand mathematical concepts and apply them in real-life situations, developing practical problem-solving skills.

The Active Maths Workbook 6 is structured in a Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract way, which enables learners to achieve mastery in reasoning, problem-solving and conceptual skills. The Concrete stage helps learners understand mathematical concepts by relating them to real-life examples. The Pictorial stage helps learners understand abstract concepts by relating them to pictures and diagrams, while the Abstract stage helps learners develop a more abstract understanding of mathematical concepts.

The workbook provides learners with ample opportunities to practice what they have learned. There are numerous exercises in each chapter that will help students develop their mathematical skills step-by-step. Students will also find the activities fun and engaging, as they will be able to work with their peers, play games, and solve puzzles.

The Active Maths Workbook 6 is designed to help learners develop a love for Mathematics. Through the series, learners will see the importance of Mathematics in their daily lives and grow to love the subject. The workbook is perfect for students who want to strengthen their mathematical abilities and achieve excellent results. Get your copy of the Active Maths Workbook 6 today and see the difference it can make in your child’s learning!

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