Advanced Vocabulary For Secondary 1 English

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Recognising the need for Secondary 1 students to be armed with strong vocabulary skills, this book is designed especially for those in Secondary 1 who wish to build on their knowledge of new words. Deliberately set at a higher standard than the Secondary 1 level, the objective of this book is to allow the learner to master a higher level of vocabulary so that he is able to apply distinctive words during examinations to impress markers further. With a total of 280 tests categorised into 10 parts, this book provides more than sufficient practice for the vocabulary learner by focusing on a specific type of vocabulary usage in each part. This allows the learner to have a sharpened sense of the different types of vocabulary usage and at the same time, develop an extensive collection of new words.

Different skills can be picked up in the various parts of this book. Under ‘Confusing Words’, the learner is able to acquire a more discerning mind by picking out the most appropriate word among similar words in a sentence usage. Under ‘Synonyms and Antonyms’, one can build on the knowledge of pairs of words with same and opposite meanings. ‘Similes’ focus on the figurative use of the English language. ‘Word Forms’ challenges the learner to come up with the correct alternative form of a given word so that it suits the sentence context. Learning new words is no longer an insurmountable task, but an exciting and stimulating experience, with dedicated guidance along the way.

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