All Kids Ask Questions- What’s at the Farm?

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All Kids Ask Questions is a series that attempts to start children (with help from an enthusiastic adult!) on their early journey of curiosity and inquiry.

Children are naturally curious. They observe what happens around them and their curiosity leads to them frequently asking questions such as ‘What’s this?’, ‘Why?’ and ‘How?’. These are the sort of questions that scientists ask too!

This book, What’s at the Farm?, answers these questions:
• What is a herbivore?
• What is an omnivore?
• How do we get wool?
• How do we get leather?
• What is a mammal?

The author, Dr Jane Lloyd, holds a doctorate in science education and specialises in primary Science education. She has international experience working with teachers and children from both Singapore and the United Kingdom, and has been involved in online training of Science teachers in the United States. As well as writing for children, Jane is also the author of a series of Science textbooks for primary school children.

Click here to view a brief flip-through of the book.

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