Kamibot Maps

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Space Map:

Fight aliens and explore our solar system with the Space Map. Our Space Map aims to test learners’ problem-solving skills through activities like programming Kamibot to move in different directions across planets and debugging erroneous coding scripts to safely reach specified destinations. Time limits can be imposed for those seeking a challenge. Children can learn more about the different planets alongside each task as well.













Zoo Map:

Follow Zookeeper Kamibot and visit a myriad of animals with the Zoo Map. Not only does our Zoo Map focus on guiding children to move Kamibot from one place to another, it also includes activities to rotate Kamibot’s top panel using its servo motor. These activities engage children’s critical thinking skills and ability to make connections. The map’s appendix includes facts about over 10 different animals too!













Singapore Map:

Learn more about the different landmarks in Singapore with the Singapore Map. Our Singapore Map seeks to build children’s ability to make connections and decisions through coding. Tasks in this map encourages children to identify different routes to get to the same destination and use the ultrasonic sensor function when Kamibot meets with an obstruction. Parents and educators alike can take a short journey down Singapore’s history through the various landmarks with the fun facts in the activity guide.















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