Key Guide O-Level English: Mastering Paraphrasing Skills

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This guide helps students do a comprehensive revision of skills in sections of the comprehension component of the English examination, where paraphrasing is required. The skills are an essential part of the Paper 2 demands of the GCE O-Level English Language paper.

The learning section explains key skills for paraphrasing, answering comprehension questions and summarising.

Some sections provide steps, techniques and strategies, such as steps for paraphrasing, techniques and strategies like word substitution, changes in word class and sentence structure.

Comprehensive warm-ups and exercises are provided for practice in paraphrasing skills. The warm-up exercises help the student to acquire new vocabulary and skills that are reinforced during the rest of the exercises. The book also includes a full comprehension test and answers to all exercises for self-evaluation.

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    School teachaer told my son to buy this particular book. Hope it’s useful.

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