Mathematical Modelling: A Collection of Classroom Tasks

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Mathematical Modelling: A Collection of Classroom Tasks presents 8 mathematical modelling tasks for primary and secondary levels as well as a recommended facilitation structure for group activities on the tasks.  The tasks and the facilitation structure have been pioneered with students during a Mathematical Modelling Outreach event organised by the Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group at the National Institute of Education of Singapore.

The book hopes to serve as reference for teachers to implement modelling activities for their mathematics classrooms. Each task is structured such that the students are brought through the key stages of the modelling cycle. Teachers’ notes are also provided to help teachers scaffold the learning journeys for the students through critical questioning and thinking. The recommended task facilitation structure incorporates the core components of mathematical concepts, skills, processes, metacognition and attitude which are key areas of focus of the Singapore Mathematics syllabus. In addition, the facilitation structure also addresses the need to provide meaningful learning experiences for students, allowing in-depth discussions of mathematical ideas.

The tasks in the book offer rich mathematical opportunities embedded in real-world contexts. At the same time, they also serve as platforms for students to develop 21st Century competencies, thereby fostering mathematical literacy in this new age and era.


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