O-Level History SBCS Guide & Practice

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O-Level History SBCS Guide & Practice provides a comprehensive guide on Source-Based Question (SBQ) skills to prepare students for the examinations. This book consists of the following features:

  1. Step-by-step Answering Technique for SBQ

The skill notes provide student with the ability to identify question types and apply the appropriate answering format accordingly. Common mistakes and a success criteria checklist for each question type is also provided for students to avoid making careless mistakes and score well.

  1. Topical Source-Based Case Study (SBCS)

Each SBCS is set according to the relevant examination format. This allows students to be familiar with the national examination style so that they can be prepared for the varied question types.

  1. Suggested Answers

The suggested answers are written according to schools’ Level Of Response Marking (LORMS). This allows students to understand and check for their level of understanding for each question and to develop better answering techniques.

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