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P6 Revision Set

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Not sure which books to buy for your child in Primary 6? We have a basic bundle for you at a lower price! Simply buy the set to enjoy the special price! Usual price if you buy these 10 books separately is $111.

English Language Challenging Weekly Practices Primary 6 aims to help students build on their vocabulary and grammar skills to score well in their examinations. Split across 38 weeks of the school year, they can use this book weekly to supplement their school work. The grammar and vocabulary in this book are carefully selected to expose students to words commonly seen at their level. This book also aims to build up students’ confidence to facilitate their learning. This Primary 6 book will provide revision for all components of the English paper.

Primary 6 English Practice Papers is a compilation of the latest practice questions in accordance with the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. With contributions from teacher consultants with decades of experience, the examination practices in this book aim to be a one-stop and comprehensive guide for English learning. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. The book consists of 9 practice papers with full answers for Paper 2. These examination papers aim to teach students important concepts and help students to discover weaknesses in their answering techniques which they may not be aware of.

Primary 6 English Mastering Visual Text Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze includes notes, pointers and common errors on each type of questions in the new format in the Visual Text Comprehension section of the book, guided questions with explanation to guide students step-by-step, strategies to help students master Comprehension, and full tests in Visual Text Comprehension and Comprehension Cloze for self-evaluation or evaluation by the teacher.

Primary 6 English Mastering Situational Writing contains authentic practice tasks, self-assessment with bulleted key information in the marking scheme, and models of completed tasks in suggested responses.

Primary 6 English: Excel in Paper 2 Language Use and Comprehension is written based on the latest Primary English Language syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. There are eight practice papers designed for students who are looking for rigorous practice before the examinations or those who want to consolidate their learning and gauge their level of English language proficiency. It is modelled after Paper 2 of the latest PSLE assessment format and covers all the sections in the latest PSLE.

PSLE Continuous Writing A Guide to Writing Better Compositions Primary 5&6 shows students how to plan good compositions in a new way. This approach is novel because its focus is not on the plot but on the theme. In this a novel approach, which is based on the theme in the centre, students will learn how to craft better compositions.

Primary 6 Mathematics Excel in Problem-Solving is a culmination of a decade of experience in teaching hundreds of students, and is written with one goal in mind: to teach and impart students the key problem-solving techniques in tackling common to challenging problem sums, so that they can excel in their PSLE Mathematics examination, and find joy in the process of learning mathematics. This book aims to achieve this by teaching students the key problem-solving techniques tested in PSLE Math in a structured and concise manner: main concepts in the beginning of every chapter; step-by-step examples; ample drills for students to apply the techniques learnt; review and revision exercises for students to further reinforce their understanding; detailed worked solutions for students to learn at their own pace.

Primary 6 Mathematics CA & SA Specimen Papers is written based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus. It provides students with comprehensive revision and practice for the actual continual and semestral assessments held in schools. It contains 8 specimen papers and each paper follows exactly the latest PSLE Mathematics format: Paper 1 Booklet A contains 15 multiple-choice questions, Paper 1 Booklet B contains 15 short-answer questions and Paper 2 contains 5 short-answer and 12 long-answer questions.

Upper Block Science Revision Notes and Exercises is a revision guide in Upper Block Science for students in Primary 5 and Primary 6. It covers all the 4 themes in the Upper Block syllabus and features comprehensive revision notes and illustrations, exercises after each theme, and challenging questions at the end of the book. Key features of the book include: using concept maps as a strategy for revision; linking themes to one another; applications of science to everyday life in the section Science in our Life; inquiry and deep-thinking questions to extend the student’s scope of the topic in the section Thinking Out Loud; and tagging of exercises with question-type so students know what skills they are tested on when they attempt a question. Suggested answers are also included for self-check.

Jumbo PSLE Science Challenging Questions is specially written to cover all 5 themes in the latest MOE Science syllabus – Cycles, Systems, Diversity, Interactions and Energy. It contains multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions that will help to develop critical thinking and build examination confidence in students. The questions are set at a higher standard to encourage students to think about a problem at a deeper level in order to solve them. Complete solutions are provided at the end of the book for self-evaluation.

Complete Study Guide: AL1 PSLE Science Lower & Upper Blocks is carefully curated to support your child’s learning in Primary School. The Primary Science topics (following the latest MOE syllabus) are segmented into D.I.C.E.S. – Diversity, Interactions, Cycles, Energy and Systems respectively – for easy revision and memory retention. This study guide is suitable for use from Primary 3 right up to Primary 6. Unique features of the book include: (1) Mind maps for every topic, (2) Revision notes for the sub-topics under I.C.E.S., (3) Key questions with guided answers and (4) A Checklist to help monitor your child’s understanding of important concepts. You may use these checklists for collaborative learning with your child, or he/she may use them for self- learning which develops a sense of ownership for his/her education.

Primary 6 English Scoring the AL1 in Situational Writing was written to help students contextualise the various situations they might encounter through the lives of five friends. The aim of this book is to help students cover the PSLE Situational Writing syllabus in a fun and engaging manner as they discover ways to better express the needs of the given task. Model answers written by actual students and edited by the author are included in this book and are separated into formal and informal topics. An example topic, complete with a model answer and guide, is included at the start of each section so that students can see how their answers should be organised and laid out.

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