Primary 2 English Stretch Your Grammar & Vocabulary

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The series of books is designed to help students achieve two key learning outcomes in the Primary 1, 2 and 3 English Language syllabus: Grammar and Vocabulary.

In each unit, students will be introduced to the metalanguage for learning and talking about grammar and vocabulary. They will apply knowledge of grammatical rules at various levels and develop rich vocabulary for appropriate use.

Reinforcement Tasks

The contents are sequenced according to the grammar and vocabulary structures and items found in each Big Book. This allows students to use the book immediately as a reinforcement of what has been taught in each Big Book or after completing each Big Book in their SBA (Shared Book Approach) lessons.

Revision and Weighted Assessment

The book provides revision of grammatical concepts and vocabulary that students have learnt from the Big Books and exposes students to rich vocabulary that is thematically linked to Big Books used during SBA. There are WA tasks that students can do as part of their revision to prepare themselves for what the school will be assessing each term.

This package has been specially put together for formative assessment and will complement teacher efforts at improving student knowledge and use of grammar and vocabulary.

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