Writing AL1 PSLE Compositions

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Writing AL1 PSLE Compositions is divided into three parts:

  • Section 1: Strategies for writing AL1 compositions
  • Section 2: Partial Composition Crafting Chronicles
  • Section 3: Crafting AL1 Compositions

In Section 1, a detailed description of the D.A.R.T strategy aims to direct students into strengthening their story plots and beefing up their use of descriptive phrases.

There are some exercises in this section for students to practise on, which helps them to further improve the flow of their composition writing.

Section 2 comprises a wide variety of power-packed compilations of descriptive sample paragraphs based on different topics. This resource is helpful for students when they need quick help in describing a particular scenario or a specific theme and have no idea how to start.

In Section 3, students are shown how to flesh out their writing chops with the scaffolding templates and suggested guidelines given. This section is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: Plot crafting
  • Part 2: Sample composition guides with process planning
  • Part 3: Proof that showing is better than telling

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