Writing Skills 2

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Writing Skills is a three-book series that helps upper primary students develop good writing skills systematically.

Each book in the series is divided into two sections. The first section, Learning to Write, focuses on the traits of writing. Research has shown that understanding writing traits (an approach that originates from the United States) leads to better and more confident writers. The traits covered in Writing Skills are:

  • ideas (how to start);
  • word choice (what to say);
  • sentence fluency (how to say it);
  • organization (how to organize the sentences); and
  • voice (how to say it effectively).

The second section of each book, Writing on Your Own, focuses on different text types, such as letters and book reviews. This section gives students a detailed understanding of the features of different genres.

The exercises in both sections are structured so that there is a gradually build-up of skills. Through the targeted practice, students will definitely grow in confidence and ability.

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