Students Looking Forward To Class: How Teachers Can Make It Happen?



CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd leverages on its vast expertise on teaching. This integrates academic and non-academic education management tools to formulate appropriate teaching strategies for each type of learner. CPD Singapore recognises that schools play a vital role in facilitating a fulfilling learning journey. Part of that is enhancing the classroom experience in schools.


Air-con comfort

Most remedial or extra lessons conducted near examinations especially “O” level and “N” level are conducted in the late afternoons when students are drained of energy and enthusiasm. Not all schools have the financial capacity to provide fully air-conditioned classrooms to all students. However, if a balloting or pre-booking system is implemented for remedial to make use of air-conditioned classrooms, it would make costs more manageable and lessons more productive.


Small breaks during lessons

Studies show that having short 5 -10 minute breaks during lessons are beneficial to a child’s learning experience. Such breaks allow the child to rest and absorb and understand what is being taught. Such breaks also allow time for clarifications, which is more difficult for long lectures.


Bring out the snacks

Sweets and snacks can go a long way in enhancing the classroom experience. With a sudden sugar rush students tend to enjoy an energy surge and are more awake and participative in lessons.


Visual Aids

Students get intrigued when they watch videos about science, biology, etc. Rather than presenting facts from a textbook, showing real life science at work in videos can arouse curiosity and enthusiasm in a child.

CPD Singapore’s expertise is backed up by professionals who formulate unique classroom experiences from the point of the student. By doing so it will enhance the student’s interaction and performance in class.  CPD Singapore recognises that schools cannot work alone in enhancing the learning experience. For a truly enriching learning experience, it should not just stop at the schools. Parents, friends and children themselves need to work concurrently to fully enrich their overall school experience.