SUTD to offer tuition grant and bursary award to students who need financial help

From May next year, new tuition grants and bursary award will be granted to financially underprivileged students of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). This is to ensure that they are not discouraged from pursuing higher education.

One of the grants have been seed-funded by Charity Quantedge Foundation, which contributed $3 million. The Quantedge Foundation-SUTD Education Opportunity Grant provides financial help to needy students so that they do not have to pay tuition fees, even after Government’s assistance.

According to SUTD’s statement, there is no quota on the number of students who are eligible for the education opportunity grant. The grant will be meted out to whoever applies and meet the eligibility criteria.

The grant is mainly for students who come from families with a monthly per capita household income of $690 and below. Residing in a four-room type Housing Board flat or smaller, the students would also not have immediate family members who own private property.

SUTD also announced a new SUTD Global Excellence Scholarship that will be available for students who are interested in taking on postgraduate studies. This scholarship funds the full undergraduate tuition fees and other expenses as well. An optional grant of $15,000 grant to cover tuition fees for some postgraduate degree programmes.

Students intending to take on scholarships and financial assistance schemes should apply for them when they apply for admission to SUTD next academic year.

At a dinner reception that SUTD held to thank its donors, the university’s president, Chong Tow Chong, thanked Quantedge Foundation and Expand Construction “for their investments in education to provide equal opportunities such that no one gets left behind”.