Technology and Childhood: Does One Ruin The Other?



It’s so common nowadays to see toddlers swiping iPad, playing games and watching videos on their parents’ smartphone. Some 92% of children have a digital footprint by the age of two. Little surprise, many think that digital technology is ruining childhood, according to Havas World Wide’s “New Dynamics of Family” report.


The black hole

Gone are the days of playgrounds, void decks and board games. Technology has become a digital black hole sucking a child’s attention away from experiencing the real world. Like it or not, technology has made children more isolated.

Values and incentives

It is unrealistic and unfeasible to totally deprive children of digital access. Managed very carefully, digital access can be used to affirm right values, incentivize right behavior and bring the family closer.  The key is to guide, supervise and teach children responsibility, including the right way and the right time to use their handphone.