Temasek Polytechnic Law & Management: Can It Lead To Becoming A Lawyer?




Temasek Polytechnic offers a Law and Management diploma for students who want to work in the legal field or gain exposure and knowledge into legal studies. But what are the prospects? Can you become a lawyer after graduation?

Legal executives

‘Graduates of this diploma enter the legal industry as paralegals (also called legal executives). They are likely to work in local and foreign law firms, the Courts, the Attorney-General’s Chambers, various government departments and statutory boards and in the legal departments of private local and international companies. Many also work for banks, insurance companies, real estate companies and the Singapore Police Force.’ – Temasek Polytechnic’s website

Law degree needed

A polytechnic graduate cannot be called to the bar after graduating from the course straight away. He will need to have a law degree from a recognised law school in order to do so. However, the polytechnic graduate can be a paralegal in a law firm should he decide to work in the legal sector with a diploma in law and management.


Who are paralegals?

They are basically assistant to the lawyers. They can’t represent clients and cannot speak for the clients in a hearing and their work is more administrative.

If a student is interested in becoming a lawyer after graduating with this diploma, fret not. Although it is not often that people with this diploma enter local law schools, every year there are a few who do. Otherwise, they further their law education overseas.

A law graduate’s perspective

Ms. Sharon Tan, a law graduate shares her experience.

“I graduated with this law diploma which allowed me to pursue my LLB overseas. Now I am pursuing my training contract with a law firm in Singapore where I will be called to the bar thereafter.”

One should consider his strengths and interests before applying to this course in the polytechnic – or any course for that matter.