What To Consider When Choosing Your First Job?




You have just graduated. You have been diligently looking for a job. With so many job offers around, you actually get anxious and are not quite sure which one to go for. You are not alone.  These are dilemmas a fresh graduate face. This article will share some insights on what to consider when choosing your first job.


Proximity to home

Unquestionably, this should be one of your main things to look out for when choosing your first job. If you have just applied for your BTO or flat, calculate how long it will take you from your future house to the work place. Do you really fancy getting up at 6am and commuting from Pasir Ris to Tuas every morning? Ideally, commuting to work should not take more than one hour via public transport. Having said that, some work places such as oil rigs may offer taxi rebates. Be sure to ask about transport in the interview.


Management turnover

It may not be a bad idea to size up the company stability by way of turnover – management as well as rank and file. Ask hard questions in a tactful manner. What is the rate of turnover every year? When was the last time managers got retrenched? How many? Were there retrenchment benefits or job placement programmes in the company?


Financial viability

Generally, MNCs are less likely to close down compared to SMEs. However, many MNCs upon doing poorly during low growths or recession may retrench workers, and they do it at a higher rate than SMEs. Hence find out the financial health, the paid-up capital and the fundamentals of the company.


Work-life balance

It is good to have work-life balance especially when you are starting your family and need more time to take care of young children. Some companies offer flexible working arrangements from home once in a while. Look out for such options and examine which ones are more suitable for you and your family; no one can perform at the peak when the family has unmet needs.