A Child Is Doing Badly In School – Don’t Give Up!



All is not lost. Given enough time, there is always a way to turn things around. This article shares some tips on revision plans during the critical PSLE year.

Avoid the ‘one day one subject’ mindset

Many students feel that focusing on just one subject per day is the way to revise. With this plan, he may only revise one subject once or twice a week at most, only to be forgotten by the next week. It is much better to revise all subjects every day. Avoid cramming chapter after chapter in one day. Instead, revise a chapter a day for just one subject, then move on to the next subject so on and so forth. One chapter per subject per day. This will allow the mind to absorb information more easily.


Start yesterday

Start revising as early as possible. Cover as much as possible and do not pick questions. It requires a lot of time to fully revise and understand information for the PSLE.


Clarify questions before heading home

Always consult the teacher immediately when in doubt. Do not wait until the following day or the next opportunity. In this way a student can maximise his time at home for revision instead of trying to work out what was being taught in class earlier.