Direct School Admission(DSA)




The Direct School Admission (DSA) exercise allows primary six students to gain entry into secondary schools before the release of their PSLE results.


Getting in based on CCA

If a child excels at a particular sport, he can be admitted into a secondary school of his choice based on his CCA. He has to undergo a try-out before being admitted. The child would still need to meet a minimum PSLE score, but this is usually lower than the school’s actual cut-off point (COP) for that year. This allows the student to showcase his non-academic strengths and is a good step towards fostering holistic education in schools. However, the child will be required to remain in that CCA in secondary school.

He will not be allowed to switch CCA. This can adversely impact the child’s emotional wellbeing and holistic development in secondary school. A child may excel at his CCA in primary school but may not perform as well or may not enjoy the CCA as much in secondary school, and it defeats the purpose of being admitted to that school based on his CCA proficiency.


When to opt for DSA?

Students should only opt for the DSA if they are confident in maintaining their CCA performance in secondary school. This way, DSA will not be a hindrance to them even if they fail to meet the requirements.