Enhancing the Classroom Experience



Schools play a pivotal role in making the PSLE journey a fulfilling one. Enhancing the classroom experience is a start.


Small breaks during lessons

Many studies have proven that short 5-10 minute breaks during lessons improves a child’s learning abilities. Such breaks allow the child to rest, absorb and understand what is being taught. Intermittent breaks also allow time for clarifications.


Treats or snacks

Sweets and snacks can go a long way in enhancing the classroom experience. The sugar rush will make students more attentive and participative during lessons.


Visual aids

Many students are intrigued when they watch videos. Showing videos can arouse curiosity and enthusiasm rather than presenting dry facts from a textbook.

These techniques can contribute to a fulfilling classroom experience. For the best teaching experience, CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd believes parents, educators and students need to work together in facilitating a conducive and efficient learning environment.