Book Review: English Language Challenging Weekly Practices Primary 3 by Estelea Zhao

As your child transitions from lower primary to upper primary, they may face more challenging and demanding school work. In order to prepare them for this change, it is important for them to have consistent practice and exposure to a range of examination questions. When it comes to the English language, one way to prepare them would be through the exercises found in English Language Challenging Weekly Practices Primary 3.

This book is an excellent learning resource for students who need that extra push in their English. It serves as a weekly revision guide for students to hone their grammar and vocabulary skills on top of their school work. This book also touches on many components in an English paper, from grammar MCQs to Vocabulary cloze passages.

Why weekly practices?

Practice makes perfect. Diligently going through each exercise in this book will help your child to get better at their English skills as they get more exposed to the different question types. The exercises in this book are carefully selected and important language tips are reiterated to ensure constant learning progress. Over time, this also builds your child’s confidence when it is time comes to sit through school examinations.

About the book

English Language Challenging Weekly Practices Primary 3 by Estelea Zhao

English Language Challenging Weekly Practice Primary 3 provides extensive exercises for students to practise their language skills. It can be used either in the classroom or at home for self-revision. Below are several components which can be found in the book:

Examples and explanations provided

Simple examples and explanations are provided for different topics. This provides a useful guide for students before doing the practices. They are easy to follow and helps students build confidence before they start attempting the more difficult questions.

Grammar exercises
Vocabulary exercises

Grammar MCQ exercises are included to strengthen your child’s English grammar. Vocabulary exercises such as cloze passages are carefully selected to challenge your child and expand their word bank.

Weekly exercises over the school terms

The book is organised in a way to maximise your child’s learning. Split across the 38 weeks of the school year, one practice can be attempted per week to ensure ample revision.

Detailed answers are provided

Detailed answers are also provided at the end so that students can check their own work. Merely focusing on drilling practices might not be as effective if students do not know about any mistakes they are making. This helps make revision more productive as students are aware of possible mistakes and take more care to avoid them.

It may take time to improve one’s language skills, but luckily, there are many helpful resources available at CPD Singapore. Estelea Zhao has also authored multiple English titles for Primary 4, 5 and 6. For more of her titles, visit CPD’s website today!