Calling All Future Einsteins: Triple Science




If a student inclines towards science, this future Einstein may be wondering: Should I take double or triple science? Triple science combination is one of the many subject combinations offered in secondary school. It is most vital that a student chooses the right subject combination best suited for him. Choosing a wrong subject combination can affect his results and even make him lose interest in school. Parents need to understand and accept that their child may have different interests from them, and may not do well in the desired subject choice of their parents.

A total of 8

Triple science combination allows one to take 8 subjects in total. This allows the “O” level score to be tabulated based on the best 6 subjects inclusive of English language. This allows for 2 weaker subjects to be dropped.


Can he cope?

Whether 6 or 8 subjects, it will still be anything but a walk in the park. One must ensure that he can cope with such heavy content. If not, it can be detrimental to his overall performance in the “O” levels. As managing too many subjects can adversely affect the child’s wellbeing, he should look back at the past few years in secondary school and talk to his teachers regarding taking on the optimal number of subjects.

Advantage of triple science

Triple science subject combination involves the studying of all three natures of science which makes one well versed and knowledgeable. Hence in the child’s future education he will already possess background knowledge of all sciences and it will make him understand concepts easily.

Parents must encourage their children to find their own niche. They must align their interests with their desired goals and pursue them.