Additional Mathematics: Adding Up The Benefits




‘A’ Maths or Additional Mathematics can be real struggle for students in secondary school. This article will shed some light on the relevance and importance of ‘A’ Math for a child’s future.


‘A’ Math required for Junior College (JC)

‘A’ Mathematics is required for taking H2 Mathematics in a JC. However, if one does not possess ‘A’ Math background they can opt for H1 Mathematics. However, many Science combinations in JC have H2 Mathematics as a requirement.


‘A’ Math is fundamental to many university courses

If your child does not pursue ‘A’ Math in secondary school, he or she may be limited in the scope of university courses, especially if your child wants to pursue a science-related course. Without an ’A’ Math background, one would not be able to pursue ‘H2’ Math in JC. ‘H2’ Math is a requirement for all engineering and most science courses.

For Polytechnic students, universities require good grades for ‘A’ Math at “O” Level for all engineering and most science related courses. However, if your child is from an arts background and wishes to pursue art or humanities-related course in university, ‘A’ Math will have little importance for him/her.