Scoring Well In “O” Levels



Consistency is preferred over last-minute revision. Before we delve deeper into this topic, let us examine two students’ experiences. One had a consistent revision plan while the latter did last-minute revision.

Regularity vs midnight oil

A student shares her views:

“I had a consistent study schedule in my “O” level year. I would consistently study daily bit by bit. I never use to cram all my homework in one night and would space out whatever assignments I had and I had a study schedule that I followed strictly. As such, I did well for all my exams and my “O” levels were reflective of my prelim score”.

Another student recalls:

“I did not do well for the “O” levels and had a low score which barely qualified me for polytechnic. I struggled to grasp many concepts as I always procrastinated and delayed till after prelims. Then I tried putting up late nights and not sleep sometimes for the whole day and ‘burn the midnight oil’. As such, I did badly for the “O” levels and my scores were the same as my prelims.”

Hence both students have shown that being consistent pays off. Consistency allows one to retain knowledge easier. Students need to understand that the “O” level is a build-up of their past 4 – 5 years in secondary school. It can’t be crammed into couple of weeks.

Get the emotions under control

Consistency will allow you to be calmer and composed.

Parents reading this article should heed these tips and share them with their children. Being consistent in their studying will present its advantages over time.  It is not wise to take any risks before the “O” levels. Students must listen to their teacher’s advice as they have taught many other students before. Teachers have a tried and tested way of studying over the years and are best equipped with the strategies to excel in the “O” levels.