Best Friends Forever: Nurturing Lifelong Relationships




It is useful for children to understand that they don’t need to be the most popular boy or girl in school. They don’t need to have tons of friends. But it is good to have a few close ones. This will make their school life and beyond a more pleasant one. Making and keeping friends requires effort. How does one nurture friendships?


Chat groups

Everyone is on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram these days. Students could form a chat group of their closest friends. Here they can chat, discuss schoolwork and share funny videos, etc. They do need to use the platform responsibly – by not being abusive or vindictive. Chat groups can be a productive and constructive platform and a part of their joyful secondary school experience.


Common hobbies

Friends who play together, stay together. Having friends with common interests or hobbies in school is a good way to sustain lifelong friendships. For example, if your child is in basketball, he and his basketball teammates can meet up for a game or even form their own team long after school life is over.


Class gatherings

Students should organise annual class gatherings.  They can use this opportunity to catch up with their peers after graduation. The alumni, with shared experiences, can one day help your child work through some problems, recommend him a job, or become a strong business ally and advocate.

Having close friends is healthy and makes life more enriching.