Charm Offensive Getting Teens To Look Forward To School



Schools can encourage teens to look forward to school by enhancing the overall learning and extra-learning experience of schools. Let’s look at some simple and practical ideas.


Air-condition for extra lessons

Most remedial or extra lessons conducted near exams are conducted in the late afternoons when students are tired. It is understandable that not all schools have the financial capacity to provide fully air-conditioned classrooms to all students throughout their years in school. However, if a balloting or pre-booking system is implemented just for remedials to have air-conditioned classrooms, it would make these lessons more conducive.


Big on small breaks

Many studies have proven that having short 5 -10 minutes breaks during lessons will help a child’s learning experience. Such breaks allow the child to rest and understand what is being taught. Such breaks also allow time for clarifications rather than having long lectures which are not effective in absorbing all the information, especially during the early stages of child development.


Treats or snacks

Sweets and snacks can go a long way in enhancing the classroom experience. With a sudden sugar rush, students tend to be more awake and participative in lessons.


Visual Aids

Many students get intrigued when they watch videos about science etc. Rather than presenting facts after facts from a textbook, showing real-life science at work in videos can arouse curiosity and enthusiasm in a child.