Choosing The Right CCA



Primary three school students are encouraged to take up a CCA. CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd supports CCA as a good avenue to develop children holistically. This article will highlight some considerations that parents need to understand when their children choose their respective CCAs.


Physical limitations

What is the constitution of the child? Consider the physical weakness and strength of the child before deciding to pursue a physical-related CCA. If the child is not inclined towards running or jumping, soccer or basketball would be less suitable for them. If he is more inclined towards problem solving, go for the strategy club or the chess team. Choosing the right CCA will ensure that your child does not underachieve or suffer injury and low esteem.


Interest and passion

It is alright if the student initially knows nothing about a CCA, for example basketball. Primary school CCAs are designed to teach the fundamentals first before anything too strenuous or competitive. What is more important is that the child shows a strong interest in the CCA. If they have a strong interest in a particular CCA they will be subconsciously more willing to learn and try again even if they fail initially.


Peer pressure

Parents should not pressure their child into CCAs which they clearly do not enjoy. Students should avoid joining a CCA just because their friends are in it, or because the CCA seems cool. If the child has no interest whatsoever in that CCA, it really defeats the purpose and may do more harm than good to the child’s development.


Head start

If a child sticks to the same CCA in secondary school, he would have already built up a strong foundation. Especially, if your child is strong in the CCA, chances are he will be selected for the school team in secondary school. This puts him ahead of his peers who are just starting out in the CCA.