Sink or Swim: Primary 6 Survival Kit



The PSLE is the culmination of six years of primary education. For the first time, the student will have to sit for his first national examination. It can be a gruelling time filled with angst.

CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd understands the struggles for both students and educators in the PSLE journey. This article seeks to share some tips to make the journey palatable and more importantly, successful.


Keep friends close, teachers closer

Friends are very important in early childhood development. It is good and healthy for a student to have close friends that they share their hopes and fears, problems and aspirations with. Without friends in school, every day becomes a dread instead of the learning adventure it should be.

As the PSLE approaches, the student should be spending quality time with their teachers. Students should not be afraid to consult them. The preliminary examinations serve as a useful benchmark for assessment. Students should take them seriously and learn from their mistakes. Clarify any last-minute doubts with the teachers before the PSLE starts.

Sleep on it

As much as systematic revision is imperative, sleep and rest are equally critical. Getting enough sleep is crucial for students to stay alert in classes and absorb knowledge, not to mention maintain emotional health.


Eat right

Parents should avoid feeding their children junk food or ultra-oily and spicy food near examinations. Stick to regular meal hours. Skipping meals can make the child feel sleepy and may induce hunger at the worst possible times. Students should eat more fruits as they are rich in vitamins that boost the body’s natural immunity.

For a student to do well in the PSLE, it takes more than aptitude and book smarts. The right studying strategies and guidance help.