Gifted Education Programme: Elitist Or Pragmatic?



The Gifted Education Programme (GEP) aims to nurture gifted individuals and hone their skills. However, students not selected for this programme should not fret over it. Students should understand that not everyone shows their potential in their early stages.

Top one percent

In primary three, students with excellent grades are allowed to take the GEP tests. This is usually determined by their performance in previous academic examinations. The top 1% nationwide are admitted in the GEP. These students are then chosen to study in a school with the GEP programme.


Deep dive

The GEP programme allows students to study more in-depth content and certain subjects such as social studies are taken at the PSLE level.

Sensible approach

Parents should encourage their children to aim for the GEP. However, parents should not be overly concerned about it, as it would bring pressure to both the child and parents.

Not for everyone

Students should not be upset if they do not get into the GEP. Not everyone has the intellectual capacity to be in the top 1% at the tender age of primary three! Education is a long journey of setbacks, triumphs and self-discovery. Parents should find out the child’s interests and choose an education pathway suited to the child.