Computer Addiction: What To Do About It?




Computer addiction is a common problem teenagers face. It will not seem like a problem to them but if as a parent you feel that it has become an addiction, by all means take steps to prevent it from becoming worse. This article shares some tips on addressing computer addiction be it in LAN shops or at home. They are not fail proof but at least they help parents explore some options.



Limit his pocket money


LAN gaming shops and arcades are not free. Many LAN gaming shops even have special student discounts for teens. If the teen is addicted to these places, parents can curtail his pocket money. By cutting the pocket money allowance, he might simply think twice about going to those places.



Less screen time, more family time


Another possible reason why teens may be hooked onto computer games could be simply because their parents don’t spend enough time with them. They are bored. They may see computer games as an avenue to kill time. Go out with them, perhaps to the park or out for shopping or dinner on the weekends. This way they spend less time on their computer screens.



Set timers


Set their computers with parental control settings. These can be easily found on all computers and even gaming devices such as Xbox or PlayStation. You can limit their computer timing daily and set passwords on using computers.


Any addiction takes time to overcome. Be patient with the teen and slowly decrease his computer addiction, not all at once – not unless a parent is prepared to deal with full-on rebellion.