Signs Of Depression In Teenage Years: Spotting Danger Signs




It is part and parcel of being a teenager to face emotional setbacks such as depression. Here are some signs that your teen is facing depression. Parents should give extra care to their child during this emotional period in their life.



Skipping meals


If your child is regularly skipping meals, it could be a sign that he is facing some emotional problems. With a lot on his mind, gone is the appetite for food, family time and small talk.



Isolating himself


Refusing to associate with others and remaining in the room are signs of emotional problems. One can be so depressed by his problems that he shuns the world around him. For example, if your teen suddenly loses interest in his passion and hobby, watch out.





Being easily irritated by the slightest of things can also indicate underlying problems. The simmering anger belies emotional struggles and unresolved issues.


Teens are at a stage in life where they are exploring the world, discovering themselves and finding their identity. They may not be able to control their emotions very well. Parents should understand what their teens are going through and be more sensitive and patient to mood swings.