Standing Up To School Bullies




Picked on. Pushed around. There are bullies in many schools, some of whom are girls. Bullying is a universal problem that affects students of every shape, ethnicity and gender. The damage done can be physical, psychological or emotional – sometimes all three.

One cannot be assured that a school is free from bullies. Even the best schools have them. This article will share some advice that parents should understand and share with the children regardless of whether they admit to being bullied.


Be strong – physically and mentally

Bullies often target weaker subjects, or at least those perceived to be weak. Bullies tend to pick on those who won’t retaliate or fight back. Parents should teach their children to stand up for themselves. Don’t get into a physical punch up, but do tell the bully that what he is doing is wrong and cowardly. That might make the bully think twice before targeting others. If the bullying persists, your child should not be shy in telling his teachers.


Reporting the bully

It is essential that bullies be reported to the school authorities. The school disciplinary committee will handle the bully and it is good to get other victims to testify as well. By reporting the bully, your child could be doing other victims a huge service.