“O” Level English



The thing about English is that it’s not a “study subject”. To be good at it, the child needs to read and write often. With the rampant use of ‘Singlish’ in Singapore, it has affected and confused students in pronouncing and writing proper English. Dealing with “O” level English can be tricky to some but one must understand that English is a subject that can’t be improved overnight. It requires solid foundations and an environment where the student listens to correct English.

Let us first examine the “O” Level English examination paper. There are two papers, paper 1 is a composition where the child is required to write about a certain topic or a narrative. Paper 2 is a comprehension-based paper.


Read or get left behind

Read, read and read some more. Read the newspapers, read fiction, read non-fiction. Reading daily will surely improve grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling and composition. Find something that interests the child, be it a novel or magazine. Reading widely builds up one’s IQ and EQ, making the child more compassionate and emotionally aware. Reading helps the child to formulate stronger opinions and develops critiquing skills as well.


In paper 2 of the English examination you are required to answer in your own words. This is a common problem for many students as they may be able to find that answer from the passage but some lose out at rephrasing it. Students need not worry; understand that para-phrasing does not mean literally rephrasing word for word. The key is to get the general meaning of a sentence and then rewrite it in his own words while still conveying the same meaning. Reading will help the child express himself and be confident using his own words.


Speed writing

Some students may have a lack of time when it comes to paper 1 or 2. Students should practice more of the papers under time constraints in an examination format as this will stimulate the actual examination and build up their speed in completing the paper.

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