Falling Ill During PSLE: What to do?




It is not uncommon for some children to fall sick during the PSLE. This CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd article examines the options and appropriate steps to take should the untoward happen.


Get a doctor’s letter

If the child is completely unable to take any exam at all – whether in school or in the hospital – it is best to get a doctor’s letter certifying that the child is unable to sit for the paper. On the other hand, if the child is mentally able to take the exam but physically unable to reach the exam venue (perhaps he is hospitalised), inform the form teacher immediately and the school could possibly allow the child to take the examination in the hospital.


Sick but able to go to school

If the child is able to make it to the examination venue, it is also best practice to get a doctor’s letter explaining his medical condition. If required, the school can make arrangements for the child to take the exam in a secluded room by himself.


Case by case

The Singapore Examination and Assessment Board (SEAB) will consider each situation on a case by case basis, and provide the necessary provisions. Such provisions include taking the examination from the hospital or granting the student extra time in the examination. SEAB will also review their performance in previous school examinations.