School Programmes for Children



The PSLE marks the end of a six-year journey for the primary school student. After which students will still be required to attend school for about a month followed by their school holidays. CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd recognises this as an opportunity to further develop students holistically. This article will examine some meaningful and fun school programs for children to attend post-PSLE.


Screening movies in the classroom is almost always a hit with students. Consider movies such as Frozen, A Bug’s Life, Cars, Coach Carter or other educational and inspiring movies.


Educational games

Encourage students to play educational games. Perhaps have a few board games in the classroom and ask them to play that. This way they have to think and work in teams. CPD (Singapore)’s team of educators believes that games can help teach students skills such as teamwork, reasoning, strategic thinking and memorising.



To get them fit, students should be encouraged to play their favorite sports. Educators can utilise the school facilities more frequently. Sports, especially team sports, foster co-operation, friendship and mental resilience.



Have active classroom discussions. Allow students to discuss anything under the sun including social issues, current affairs or other trending topics. This will stimulate their critical thinking and make them more opinionated. This is good for their post primary school life as in secondary school they will need to express themselves more.