Fun and Games: Get Them Hooked On CCA




CCAs keep kids fit and healthy. They fall sick less. They concentrate better in class. Besides, CCAs are usually fun. Yet, students are often so distracted by their digital toys.  How can parents encourage kids to look forward to CCA? It’s a big ask. But it can be done.



Show support


From time to time, parents should ask about their CCA. Show interest. Support them in the stands.

Go shopping with them for equipment. Take them to the library to read up on the sport. In addition to strengthening their passion, all this also aids bonding between parents and children. Win-win.


In addition, parents can advise their children on why CCAs are important to them. Only when children understand the value of CCA will they appreciate it more.



The grading system


Secondary schools in Singapore have a grading system for CCAs. This should motivate kids to do well in CCA. They will need to meet a certain attendance requirement. This grade can be reflected in their O level admission points when they apply for a secondary school of their choice. In other words, one or two points can be deducted from the raw score. One or two points can make all the difference.



Make new friends


By joining a CCA, children will meet new friends who share the same interests as them. These friendships can be lifelong. After all, these friends have the same interests and what’s to stop them from meeting up for a game right through their adult years?



Stress relief


CCAs relieve stress. They allow children to relax, take their minds off school work once in a while. This mental break minimises anxiety and may actually improve overall academic performance.