Save Gaia: How Primary Schools Can Go Green?



Primary schools should be agents of change. They should inculcate in children a passion to care for the environment. CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd recognises the benefits of green spaces for students. The article will share some CPD Singapore’s tips on how primary schools can steer students towards being eco-friendly.


More greenery


Having more greenery, like conventional gardens, landscape and vertical gardens will make the school look more welcoming. The green space can help students relax amidst a hectic schedule. Having more greenery also cools the surroundings and this makes it more conducive to learning.


Encourage recycling

Schools can start campaigns to encourage more recycling. For example, schools can organise recycling roadshows. Get students to bring stuff from their homes and deposit them in the recycling bins. They can then also reward students with Community Involvement Programme (CIP) points for such programmes. Schools should also make it easier to recycle. Having more recycling bins increases the ease and opportunities for recycling. Educate, encourage, and engage the students.


Maximise paper


Maximise the print area on notes. Print on both sides whenever possible. This saves on paper and school expenditure as well as trees.  Small eco-friendly best practices like this also sets a good example to students on maximising resources.

Schools are good test beds for new and interesting eco-friendly solutions. Schools should instil in students an environmentally conscious mindset which may extend to their adult years.