Primary Schools Ban Soft Drinks




“Since the school started in 2013, Riverside Primary School in Woodlands Crescent has never had a drinks stall,” said the school’s principal Mrs Sharon Siew. “We have always advocated the drinking of plain water and for everyone to bring their water bottles every day, and to refill them at the water coolers all around the school” – Straits Times, 17 November 2017.


Banning soft drinks will help students manage their weight. It will reduce the threat of childhood obesity and even early diabetes.



Gaining acceptance


In the same Straits Times article, it cited that two schools – Xishan Primary and Ai Tong School – have gone a step further to encourage healthier drinking habits. Xishan Primary, in Yishun Street 21, decided to stop the sale of carbonated drinks. Only packet drinks, milk, fruits and jelly are sold at the drinks stall. The school has also pulled the plug on the vending machine which used to dispense carbonated drinks.



Manage expectations


Of course, kids can and do frequent shopping centres, cinemas, fast food chains etc and consume soft drinks. That is beyond the control of even the most responsible schools and parents. But by banning soft drinks in the primary schools, at least the kids are not so exposed to sugary temptations. Out of sight, out of mind.