Healthy Living: Eating Right




The government recently announced changes to the health industry of Singapore following Budget 2017, which affected government schools as well. The government is currently investing heavily to get healthier food into schools, from pre-school to university. This initiative stems from NurtureSG task force’s series of recommendations to equip people with a healthier lifestyle.



Changes in pre-schools


Following the changes, pre-schools will not be allowed to serve sugary drinks and preserved food. They are now required to provide balanced meals always. The Healthy Meals in school’s programme will also get more schools on board. Currently it is being adopted by 319 schools ranging from primary level to junior college.



Diabetes and obesity


The move comes in the right direction in combating diabetes and obesity. These two factors have been on the rise in recent years, especially the crisis of youth diabetes.


“At that age, you want to ensure that these young adults take personal responsibility (for their meals),” said Minister of State for Education Janil Puthucheary, who co-chaired the NurtureSG task force.



Fried food


Should secondary schools ban fried food? Currently most secondary schools serve fried food once a week while sugary drinks and soft drinks can be sold anytime. To help our kids eat right, fried food should be banned together with soft drinks. Today’s youth are getting more pocket money than their previous generations and they frequent fast food chains often. School is one place we can control what they consume.



Healthier alternatives


Schools can perhaps have delicious healthy food served in canteens. While many teens adore eating junk food, perhaps healthier fast food chains like Subway and juice bars can be invited into schools.